Are you a Gamer?

do you love playing games in playstation series?

are you not able to opt for an playstation?

Then dont worry. You carry your mini PSP in your pockets daily (“Smartphone”)

IN this tutorial ill show you how to play PSP games in android.

So getting started you need an android phone, windows phone or an ios devices

Step 1:-) Download PPSSPP Emulator

For Android download from Google Play Store

For Windows download from THIS LINK



Step 2:-) Install and it on your device


Step 3:-) Downloading PSP games

now its time to download some PSP games

so i would recommend going to emuparadise site to download PSP games.

Visit this site named ” ” to download psp games.


you will get a site like this.

search the site for games which you would like to play.

now for an example im downloading PETER JACKSON’S KING KONG” To play.

so download the game


after downloading extract the file using winrar or any other rar extractors to get the files.


“extract the file till you get the .iso file and do not extract the iso file”

now copy the .iso file to your phone



Now lets navigate to PPSSPP


If your using marshmellow android version or later one. then grant access for PPSSPP to see your storage.

now navigate to the place where you have saved the game.


since i stored it in my external memory card when i navigate over there we see our games logo “PETER JACKSONS KING KONG” logo over there.


just click the game logo.


we’ve done.

thats all you need to do.

have a happy game life.

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